I think perfectly round is overrated. All of my bowls, pitchers, vases and mugs are pinch pots. To make them, I start with a ball of clay and hand pinch the clay into a bowl, or vase, or whatever shape suits my current whim. I do not use a potter's wheel. Pinch pots can take almost any form---except perfectly round! I like the feel of the surface indentations from my thumbs and fingers and the undulations on the pots as I rub my hands along their outer walls. And making pinch pots has another great advantage: you can make them anywhere. No need for electricity, or the whirring and grinding of a potter's wheel. During much of the year, my "studio" is a table in my back yard.

My glazes are hand brushed; I do not use dipping glazes. My glazes are food safe.

Note: The Portfolio folder shows examples of my work made in the last year or so. Since each piece is unique, it is not possible to photograph and post each piece on my website. Please contact me to see what is currently available. My prices range from about $20-$210